Thursday, April 3, 2008

Week 7 Thing #17

I have tried several times to complete Thing #17, but I have not been able to access Learning 2.0 SandBox wiki.

Week 9 Thing #23

I really liked the Overdrive site I found and if I have time will use it for audiobooks. I also like the Library Thing to catalog some of my favorite books.The search tool from Rollyo will be helpful. I guess the most frustrating thing with all of these activities is to find the time to use the sites more than just doing exploration for the 23 Things.

Week 9 Thing #22

I went to Overdrive and searched for James Patterson books. I found many audiobooks. This would be a good way to spend my time driving back and forth to work.

Week 9 Thing #21

I went to and I think this will be a really good site. I just need to find the time to work with it.

Week 9 Thing #20

I was unable to complete the YouTube activity because of the blockers in the county system. Can I still get the monitor when I finish everything else?

Week 8 Thing #19

I decided to explore Upcoming from Web 2.0 awards list. I was not impressed because at this time there is nothing in there for Somerset or Accomack Counties.

Week 8 Thing #18

I explored Google Docs. I don't see much difference than Word. It would be good to use if you don't have a computer and must use one at the library. Your work will be there the next time you log on.